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    The Benefits of Working with InventHelp for Patenting Your Idea

    Navigating the pathway from an idea to a fully patented invention is a journey fraught with legal complexities, stringent requirements, and meticulous documentation. For inventors, the prospect of embarking on this journey can be as daunting as it is exciting. This is where InventHelp, a leading invention service company, plays a critical role. By offering a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically for inventors seeking patents, InventHelp demystifies the patenting process, making it more accessible and manageable for inventors from all walks of life. Here are several benefits of partnering with InventHelp to secure a patent for your innovative idea. Here are some important facts and key questions about InventHelp.

    Expert Guidance Through Complex Processes

    The patent application process can be labyrinthine, requiring a deep understanding of legal procedures and documentation. InventHelp brings decades of experience in helping inventors navigate these complexities. From conducting comprehensive patent searches to ensure the uniqueness of your invention to preparing and filing the patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), their expertise is invaluable. This expert guidance not only streamlines the process but also significantly increases the likelihood of a successful patent application.

    Time and Resource Efficiency

    For most inventors, time and resources are of the essence. Embarking on the patent process alone can be incredibly time-consuming, potentially diverting attention away from refining the invention or working on new projects. InventHelp streamlines this process, enabling inventors to allocate their resources more efficiently. By leveraging InventHelp Invention Services, inventors can continue to focus on what they do best – innovating – while the professionals handle the nitty-gritty of securing patent protection for their invention.

    Reducing the Risk of Errors

    A minor oversight or error in a patent application can lead to delays, additional costs, or even the rejection of the application altogether. The precision required in drafting patent applications is one of the many areas where InventHelp excels. Their experience ensures that applications are meticulously prepared, reducing the risk of costly errors and increasing the chances of a favorable outcome.

    Valuable Post-Patent Support

    Securing a patent is a significant achievement, but it’s often just the beginning of bringing an invention to market. InventHelp offers valuable post-patent support, including assistance with marketing and licensing strategies. This holistic approach ensures that inventors not only secure patents for their ideas but also have the support and resources needed to commercialize their inventions successfully.

    Peace of Mind

    Perhaps one of the most understated benefits of working with InventHelp is the peace of mind it offers. Knowing that your invention and the pursuit of a patent for it are in experienced hands can alleviate much of the stress associated with the process. This sense of security allows inventors to maintain their focus on creativity and innovation, confident that their patent applications are being handled proficiently.


    In conclusion, working with InventHelp to patent an idea offers a myriad of benefits for inventors. From expert guidance and efficiency to the reduction of errors and valuable post-patent support, the advantages are clear. For those looking to protect their innovations with a patent, partnering with InventHelp provides a favorable blend of expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind, making the daunting journey to patenting significantly easier to navigate.

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    How do Inventors Get Paid? Exploring Revenue Streams for Innovative Minds

    Inventors often spend countless hours honing their ideas and tirelessly working to perfect their creations. However, the ultimate goal for many inventors is to transform their inventions into a steady source of income. Let’s explore how do Inventors get paid?


    Licensing is one of the most common ways for inventors to generate revenue from their innovations. Through a licensing agreement, an inventor grants a third party, typically a company or manufacturer, the right to produce and sell their invention for a specific duration. In return, the inventor receives royalty payments, which are usually a percentage of the total sales revenue.

    The key to successful licensing is to secure a partnership with a reputable company that has the resources and capabilities to effectively bring the product to the market. Inventors can negotiate licensing agreements on their own or seek assistance from licensing agents or intellectual property professionals.

    Direct Manufacturing and Sales

    Another option for inventors to capitalize on their ideas is to manufacture and sell the product themselves. This method provides the inventor with more control over the production and distribution process and enables them to keep a larger proportion of the profits. However, it also demands significant upfront investment, risk, and expertise in marketing and business development.

    To embark on this route, inventors can set up a business structure, with either a business plan and resources developed in-house or by partnering with co-founders and investors. They will also need to establish manufacturing, production, and marketing strategies. There are professional invention companies like InventHelp that could help with marketing your invention idea.

    Selling or Assigning Patent Rights

    Some inventors prefer to entirely sell or assign their patent rights to another party for a one-time lump-sum payment. This method eliminates ongoing royalties and allows inventors to generate an immediate return on their invention. However, it requires careful evaluation of their invention’s value to ensure they receive a fair payment.

    It’s worth noting that selling or assigning patent rights can be done either for the entire patent ownership or only for specific geographical territories or industries. Negotiations for the sale or assignment of patents can be complex and may require the assistance of a patent attorney or agent.

    Consulting and Public Speaking

    Renowned inventors can also capitalize on their experience and knowledge by offering paid consulting services, workshops, seminars, or public speaking engagements. Becoming an expert or thought leader in a particular domain of innovation can open up opportunities for inventors to not only educate and inspire others but also generate additional income.


    Inventors can leverage multiple revenue streams to benefit from their creative inventions. As the path to monetization varies by circumstance, inventors should carefully consider the most suitable method for their particular invention. Licensing, direct manufacturing, patent litigation, selling patent rights, or even consulting can prove to be lucrative and rewarding ways for inventors to earn a living from their innovations.

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    The Various Costs Associated with Obtaining a Patent

    Navigating the patent process requires not only a significant time investment but also a significant financial commitment. Several costs are associated with obtaining a patent, all of which can greatly influence an inventor’s budget and long-term planning.

    What Is A Patent Anyway?

    What are patents? A patent is a form of intellectual property that protects inventions or innovations from being copied or used by others without your permission. Patents are issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and last for 20 years from the date of application, though they can be renewed an additional 10 years if desired.

    Filing Fees

    Filing fees are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to patent costs. These fees are required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and depend on the type of application and the size of the entity applying.

    • Provisional Applications: Fees for provisional applications are generally lower, providing inventors with an economical way to initially file their invention.
    • Non-Provisional Applications: The cost for non-provisional applications is higher because these applications require a more thorough review and detailed presentation of the invention.
    • International Applications: Filing a patent application in foreign countries can be much more expensive. Each country in which you apply will require its national filing fee.

    Prosecution Fees

    After filing your application, “prosecution” is the term for the back-and-forth process between you or your patent attorney and the USPTO. This procedure can involve multiple communications and submissions, each associated with its cost.

    • Amendment Fees: If multiple modifications are required in your application following an Office action, these amendments can each incur a separate fee.
    • Appeal Fees: If your application is rejected and you choose to appeal the decision, expect to incur additional charges for this process.

    Maintenance Fees

    Once your patent is granted, you need to pay maintenance fees to keep your patent in force. These fees occur periodically and increase over the life of the patent.

    • USPTO Maintenance Fees: These payments are due 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years after the grant of the patent.
    • International Maintenance Fees: If your patent is granted in foreign countries, they also charge annual fees to maintain the patent.

    How Patenting Works?

    How does the patenting process work? The process of patenting a product is complex, and it can take a long time. Below is an overview of the steps involved in obtaining a patent:

    1. Determine if the invention is patentable by performing a prior art search and determining whether the invention is unique.

    2. Draft your claims for patentability using the language provided by USPTO guidelines.

    3. Submit an application to the USPTO, which includes an application fee as well as information about your invention (a specification).

    4. Review your application by the USPTO and decide whether to approve it.

    5. If approved, pay a maintenance fee every year to keep your patent current.


    Understanding the costs associated with obtaining a patent can help you effectively budget for this important stage of bringing your invention to life. It’s a complicated path with numerous fees and potential financial pitfalls, but ultimately, protecting your innovation can provide lucrative opportunities down the line. Preparing for these expenses is an integral part of managing your intellectual property journey.

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    Improving Your Business with React and Node.js

    Technological advancement is at the heart of competitive advantage in today’s business world. From data analytics to customer interactions, software development technologies like React and Node.js have unleashed opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, offer superior customer service, and uncover new growth opportunities.

    React: Bolstering Front-end Development

    Developed by Facebook, React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces, most notably for single-page applications. It simplifies the creation of interactive UIs with its component-based architecture. Here’s how React can benefit your business:

    Improved User Experience

    React allows developers to create fast, simple, and scalable front-end applications, offering a smoother and more responsive user experience. Its component-based structure allows for reusability of components, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your application’s UI.

    Rapid Development

    React’s robust toolset, including the virtual DOM, one-way data binding, and JSX, make it possible for developers to accelerate the development process. With the use of reusable components, developers don’t have to build everything from scratch, saving time and resources.


    Unlike many JavaScript frameworks, React can run on the server, which means the first render of the webpage is returned to the browser as a regular webpage, making it more SEO-friendly. This can improve your business’s online presence and visibility, leading to more user traffic.

    Node.js: Revolutionizing Back-end Development

    Node.js is a technology that allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Here’s what Node.js brings to the table for your business:

    High Performance

    Node.js interprets JavaScript code via Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which compiles it into machine code directly. This results in faster and more efficient code execution, leading to improved application performance.


    Node.js is equipped with features to help you scale your applications in horizontal as well as vertical directions. This ability to handle increased workload makes Node.js a sound choice for businesses needing highly scalable solutions.

    Real-Time Applications

    Node.js is used to build real-time applications such as chat applications and gaming servers. This is attributed to its event-driven architecture, which facilitates real-time bidirectional communication.

    Reduced Costs

    By using JavaScript on both the client and server side (thanks to Node.js), businesses can deploy less development resources and maintain one codebase, leading to significant cost savings.

    React and Node.js: A Powerful Combination

    When used together, React and Node.js make a compelling tech stack, handling both ends of your application meritoriously. This dual combo – fast, dynamic client-side operations with React, and swift, efficient server-side operations with Node.js – can enhance productivity, improve performance, and lead to cost-effective, responsive web applications that delight users.

    Lexis Solutions – Your React and Node.js Development Partner

    Lexis Solutions is a full-service IT solutions provider that specializes in custom software development. They have extensive experience with React and Node.js, and can help you build your next application using these technologies. Their custom React and Node.js services include:

    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Mobile application development
    • Web application development

    …and more

    Lexis Solutions molds its services to echo its clients’ dreams, not just their needs. Going beyond the call of duty, this software company is the hidden gem of the tech world.


    In conclusion, React and Node.js are ground-breaking technologies that could serve your business as a true game-changer. In addition to improving application performance and user experience, they can accelerate the development process, leading to faster time-to-market while saving costs. Hence, investing in these technologies could be a strategic move towards business growth and sustainability.

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    The Importance of Patent Protection

    In the dynamic world of innovation and invention, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including patents, are integral in safeguarding your unique ideas. By definition, a patent is a license that grants exclusive rights to an inventor for a specified duration, typically 20 years. It’s a powerful tool that prevents others from copying, manufacturing, selling, or importing your inventions without consent.

    The Role of InventHelp

    One company that understands the critical role of patent protection in fostering innovation is InventHelp. Founded in 1984, InventHelp has been at the forefront in assisting inventors in protecting their inventions. The team at the company has seen firsthand the potential financial and intellectual problems that can arise when an invention lacks patent protection. Inventors may lose out on profit or, even worse, see their hard-earned innovation duplicated by others without any remedies.

    The Commitment to Encourage Innovation

    The story of patent protection is deeply intertwined with a commitment to encourage innovation. Governments across the globe grant patents as a reward for the substantial effort and resources innovators invest in creating something new and beneficial for society. Without patent protection, the incentive to create may dwindle, leaving society poorer, and the world a less diverse place.

    How InventHelp Assists in Patent Protection

    But how do InventHelp feature in this landscape of patent protection and innovation? InventHelp recognizes the uphill battle many independent inventors face when trying to patent their inventions. The process of getting a patent can be daunting, especially for those who are new to it. The legal language, extensive paperwork, and long waiting times often discourage inventors from applying, potentially leading them to give up on their great ideas.

    InventHelp’s Contribution to Innovation

    Understanding this, InventHelp’s patent-referral services come into play, bridging the gap between inventors and patent-protection. They collaborate with licensed patent attorneys and agents, offering a streamlined approach to help inventors patent their innovations. Their goal is simple – to make the path to obtaining patent protection less intimidating and more accessible.

    InventHelp: Igniting the Inventor Community

    By democratizing access to patent protection, InventHelp ignites a spark in the inventor community. The assured protection allows inventors to focus on what they do best – inventing. It encourages risk-taking, fuels creativity, and fosters an environment of relentless innovation.

    Knowledge is Key: InventHelp’s Educational Approach

    Additionally, InventHelp educates inventors about the importance of patent protection. They firmly believe that knowledge is key in the dynamic and complex world of patent law. By disseminating information about various aspects of patenting, including its benefits, challenges, and footprint on innovation, they enable inventors to make informed decisions.

    Promoting a Culture of Innovation and Progression

    Endorsing this pursuit of securing and retaining patent rights, InventHelp stimulates a culture of innovation and progression. Patents, after all, augment an inventor’s pride in their invention, giving them the recognition they deserve. They are a symbol of achievement, reflecting one’s relentless effort and resilience in the world of invention, nurturing the spirit of innovation.

    The Impact of InventHelp’s Efforts

    In conclusion, patent protection maintains the balance between public interest, promoting innovation, and rewarding inventiveness. Threading this narrative into the fabric of its purpose, InventHelp makes patenting inventions less complicated for inventors, easing their journey in the competitive world of innovation. With their relentless strive to aid inventors in securing patents, they add another layer of dynamism to the world of invention and innovation. An inventor’s dream deserves protection, and InventHelp is firmly committed to this principle.

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    The Advantages of Engaging an Invention Company

    The journey from idea to invention and eventually to market can be a challenging and complicated endeavor. Working with an invention company can make this process smoother, maximizing the potential for success. These companies offer a wide array of services and resources aimed at supporting inventors at various stages of the innovation cycle.

    Experience and Professionalism

    Invention help companies, like InventHelp, have extensive knowledge of various industries and a deep understanding of the innovation process. Their years of experience and professional networks are an invaluable asset to inventors. By tapping into this expertise, inventors can avoid common pitfalls and adopt best practices that increase the likelihood of a successful product launch.

    Patent Assistance and Support

    Obtaining a patent for an invention can be a cumbersome and complex task. Invention companies provide inventors with crucial guidance and support in securing patents. They offer services such as:

    Conducting thorough patent searches to ensure the invention is unique

    • Assessing the patentability of the idea
    • Providing referrals to licensed patent attorneys
    • Assisting with patent application preparation and submission
    • Offering insight into the costs and timelines associated with patenting

    Prototype Development Assistance

    Turning an idea into a tangible product often starts with creating a prototype. Invention companies can assist in various aspects of prototype development, including:

    • Identifying appropriate materials and manufacturing processes
    • Delivering technical expertise to improve the design
    • Sourcing manufacturers to create the prototype

    Help With Market Research and Analysis

    Invention companies can perform targeted market research and analysis, which is vital for the commercial success of an invention. They can assist with:

    • Assessing the target market
    • Identifying potential competitors
    • Evaluating market demand for the product
    • Recommending pricing, marketing, and distribution strategies

    Marketing Assistance

    Invention companies understand the importance of proper marketing and presentation. They offer tools and resources to build a compelling representation of the invention, including:

    • Crafting persuasive marketing materials
    • Producing professional presentations
    • Creating engaging visuals to showcase product features
    • Developing strategies for reaching the target audience

    Licensing and Negotiation Support

    In many cases, inventors may want to license their invention idea instead of manufacturing and marketing the products themselves. Invention companies can assist in:

    • Identifying potential licensing partners
    • Preparing the inventor for licensing negotiations
    • Providing guidance during the negotiation process

    In Conclusion

    Partnering with an invention company, such as InventHelp, can provide a wealth of benefits to inventors. These companies offer valuable expertise, resources, and connections that are crucial for transforming an idea into a commercially successful product. Regardless of where you are in your innovation journey, working with an invention company can significantly improve your chances of success and make the process more manageable.

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    The Role of Invention Companies like InventHelp in Transforming Ideas into Successful Products

    In today’s rapidly evolving world, innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind countless products and services that make our lives better. Invention companies, such as InventHelp, play a pivotal role in converting groundbreaking ideas into tangible products, bridging the gap between inventors and the market.

    What are Invention Companies and Who is InventHelp?

    Invention companies, also known as invention promotion firms, are organizations that offer services to inventors to help them develop, protect, and market their ideas. InventHelp, a leading invention company, has been in the business for over 35 years, assisting inventors in turning their ideas into successful products. They provide inventors with a comprehensive range of services, including prototype creation, patent referrals, and marketing strategies.

    The Role of Invention Companies like InventHelp

    Invention companies like InventHelp play an essential role in the innovation process, providing inventors with the resources and expertise they need to bring their ideas to life. Some of the key roles they play include:

    Idea Evaluation and Assessment

    The first step in the invention process is to evaluate the potential of an idea. Invention companies like InventHelp help inventors determine if their ideas are viable, unique, and marketable. They conduct market research and analysis to identify potential competitors, target markets, and consumer needs, ensuring that the idea has a solid foundation for success.

    Intellectual Property Protection

    Safeguarding an idea is crucial to ensure that inventors have exclusive rights to their inventions. InventHelp assists inventors in securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect their intellectual property. They work with patent attorneys and agents to navigate the complex patent application process and ensure that the invention is adequately protected.

    Product Development and Prototyping

    Once an idea has been evaluated and protected, the next step is to turn it into a tangible product. InventHelp works with inventors to create prototypes, refine designs, and test the functionality of their inventions. They may also collaborate with manufacturers to ensure that the product can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Marketing Strategies

    InventHelp helps inventors develop marketing strategies to promote their products and attract potential investors or licensees. They may create promotional materials, such as websites, videos, and brochures, and attend trade shows and industry events to showcase the invention. InventHelp can also help inventors negotiate licensing agreements with manufacturers or distributors, allowing inventors to earn royalties from the sales of their products.

    Invent Help is a good place to start if you have an idea for a product and want to turn that idea into reality.


    InventHelp is one of the most well-known companies that helps inventors turn their ideas into marketable products. They offer a wide range of services, including product development and marketing strategies. If you have an idea for a product and want to take it from concept to reality, InventHelp can help make it happen.

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    How to Get Businesses to Notice Your Invention

    In the fast-paced world of innovation, capturing the attention of businesses for your new invention can be a daunting task. With countless products and ideas competing for their attention, standing out from the crowd is crucial. To help increase your chances of getting businesses to look at your invention, here is a list of strategies that can effectively showcase your invention and make businesses sit up and take notice.

    Develop A Compelling Pitch

    First impressions matter. To grab the attention of potential business partners, create a succinct and engaging pitch that highlights the unique selling points, benefits, and target market of your invention. A well-prepared pitch should be easy to understand and leave businesses wanting to know more. There are professional agencies, like InventHelp, that can help you create a winning pitch.

    Create A Professional Product Prototype

    A functional and visually appealing prototype is essential to demonstrate the viability and potential of your invention. Investing in a professional prototype not only showcases your commitment to the project but also helps potential partners visualize the final product and imagine its place in the market. InventHelp can help you create a professional prototype, which can be used to demonstrate your idea to businesses, investors and retailers.

    Conduct Thorough Market Research

    Understanding your target market and how your invention fits into the existing landscape is vital. Conducting comprehensive market research will help you identify your competition, potential customers, and areas of opportunity. Armed with this information, you can address any concerns businesses may have and demonstrate how your invention fills a gap in the market.

    Network Strategically

    Building relationships with industry professionals and attending relevant networking events can significantly improve your chances of getting noticed. Be prepared to pitch your invention at any opportunity, and don’t hesitate to ask for introductions or referrals. Remember, networking is a two-way street, so be open to offering support and advice to others in return.

    Utilize Social Media And Online Platforms

    In the digital age, a strong online presence is essential. Share your invention story, progress, and successes on social media platforms and engage with your target audience. Crowdfunding platforms are also invaluable tools for generating buzz and attracting the attention of businesses.

    Protect Your Intellectual Property

    Before presenting your invention to potential partners, ensure you have taken the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property. This may include filing a patent or registering a trademark. Demonstrating that you have taken precautions to safeguard your invention will give businesses the confidence to invest in your idea.

    InventHelp can help all these steps and more. If you want to learn more about InventHelp and how long has InventHelp been around you can visit their website or read reviews online.


    Getting businesses to look at your invention requires a combination of strategic planning, persistence, and effective communication. By perfecting your pitch, developing a professional prototype, conducting thorough market research, and leveraging your network and online presence, you can significantly increase your chances of capturing the attention of potential partners and turning your invention into a commercial success.

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    How To Research Your Invention Ideas

    Coming up with a unique invention idea is an exciting process. With a bit of research and dedication, you can make sure your invention is ready to be patented and protected.

    Do Your Research

    Start by researching your invention ideas. Make sure to read up on similar ideas that have been patented or are currently in the process of being patented. This way, you can make sure that your invention idea is truly unique and has the potential to be patented.

    Gather Evidence

    You’ll need to be able to prove that your invention idea is unique and ready to be patented. Gather evidence such as drawings, diagrams, and any other documentation you have in order to demonstrate the unique qualities of your invention. This will be invaluable when it comes time to apply for a patent.

    Consider Professional Assistance

    If you’re still uncertain about the uniqueness of your invention idea, consider speaking to a professional. A patent lawyer or patent agency. such as InventHelp, can provide valuable insight and advice on the patentability of your invention. They can also help you to make sure that you’ve done all the research and gathered the necessary evidence to present a strong case for your invention. They will also get your idea reviewed by companies that specialize in patent research and will help you to determine the value of your invention.

    Patenting process is a long and expensive process, so be prepared for some hard work. You should also be ready to devote a significant amount of time to the patenting process as it can take several years before your application is approved. However, if you are able to successfully patent your invention, then there is no doubt that it will be worth all the effort that went into it!


    Taking the time to make sure your invention is unique and ready to be patented is an important part of the invention process. With a bit of research and the right help, you can ensure that your invention idea is ready to be patented and protected.

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    How Does Patenting an Invention Work

    Innovation is the key to success in today’s world. Every day, people come up with new ideas that could potentially change the world. However, it’s important to protect those ideas so that they can’t be used by others. This is where patenting comes in.

    What Does Patenting an Invention Means?

    Patenting an invention idea provides legal protection for the inventor’s intellectual property. It gives the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, and sell their invention for a certain amount of time. This protection ensures that others cannot make, use, or sell the invention without the inventor’s permission as explained in article.

    How To Patent An Invention?

    To patent an invention idea, the inventor must first conduct a thorough search to ensure that the idea is original and not already patented by someone else. Once the inventor has confirmed that the idea is unique, they can file a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    The patent application process can be complex and time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort to protect the invention. The USPTO reviews the application and determines whether the invention meets the criteria for a patent. If the application is approved, the inventor will receive a patent, which grants them exclusive rights to the invention for a certain period of time.

    Hiring a Professional Agency Is Recommended

    There are professional patent agencies, like InventHelp, can help inventors with the patent application process. InventHelp has helped thousands of inventors secure patents for their ideas, and they can help you too. If you have an idea for a product or invention, InventHelp can help you take the next step toward commercializing it into a profitable business venture as described on


    Patenting an invention idea can be expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment for inventors who want to protect their intellectual property. It’s important for inventors to take the necessary steps to protect their ideas so that they can reap the benefits of their hard work and creativity.

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    What is the Patenting Process?

    The patenting process is a lengthy and complicated process that involves submitting an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO will then analyze the application to determine whether the idea is patentable or not.

    If the idea is patentable, then the USPTO will issue a patent. It can take anywhere from six months to two years to get a patent, depending on how complicated your invention is and how quickly you move through the process. Patenting an idea is a long and complicated process. It’s important to have an attorney or a patent agency like InventHelp on your side who understands the patenting process and can help you navigate it successfully. Learn more on

    Patent Types

    If you have an idea for a new invention, it’s important to understand that there are two types of patents: utility and design.

    Utility patents protect the function of an invention and how it works. They are typically issued for 20 years from the date of filing your application.

    Design patents protect the way an object looks, not how it functions or operates. These can be quite valuable because they cover ornamental designs for products rather than just protecting their functionality as with utility patents. Design patents are issued for 14 years from the date of filing.

    If you have a product idea that has some unique features, it’s important to understand which type of patent is best suited for your particular invention.

    A utility patent is the most common type of patent and it protects how an invention works. It can be applied for by any person or company that has created a new process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter that has not been previously known.

    The Patent Application

    The patent application is a legal document that must be filled out accurately and completely. It includes a description of the invention and its uses, drawings of the invention, and other relevant information. The application must be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure that it meets all the requirements. The application is then submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If the application meets all requirements, it will be published and you will receive a patent number. Click to find out more.


    The process of obtaining a patent is not easy. It can take several months or even years before the patent is issued, and in the meantime you must submit applications, pay fees, and comply with strict rules and regulations. The rewards of having a patent are worth it though, once you have one you will be able to stop others from copying your invention as well as make money from licensing fees.

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    Texas SEO Rock Band – SEO Rockstars

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that helps sites rank well in search engines. We’re talking about Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

    Nowadays, SEO is a very important part of digital marketing strategy. Many people use it to promote their business but only few know how it works. SEO is a hot topic in the world of digital marketing, which makes it an ideal topic for music artists to explore.

    Songs About SEO and Digital Marketing

    There is a new trend in the music industry SEO-related songs. These songs are about SEO and digital marketing. You can find them on YouTube and other popular platforms. The songs are very popular and they have thousands of views and likes. They’re also fun to listen to. You can learn a lot about SEO from these songs, and they’re really catchy as well.

    If you want to learn about SEO and digital marketing, then these songs are a great place to start. You’ll be able to learn the basics of SEO and get some ideas for how to use it in your own business. It’s also fun listening to these songs as you work on your own SEO strategies.

    Bands Playing Songs About SEO and Digital Marketing

    There are many bands that have written songs about SEO and digital marketing. They’re not just for fun, though. The bands are trying to get their message out there and they use music as a way to do that. You can find many different types of songs that talk about SEO, such as pop songs or rock songs.

    SEO Rockstars is a new band from Texas that is trying to get their name out there and they’re using music about digital marketing and SEO as a way to do that. They have a song called “We’re All SEO Rockstars” that talks about how important it is to be an SEO expert if you want to succeed online. The song is already getting a lot of attention online, which means that the band is getting their message out there.

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    Corporate Photo Booth Rental in Vancouver

    What’s the point in organizing a great Christmas or New Year party, a jubilee celebration, or even an important product launch, if there’s nothing to remind participants about how good they were? Well, one thing’s for sure, corporate partying in Vancouver will never be the same again, because with a corporate photo booth, your clients, suppliers, employees and other invitees will have a load of amazing pictures to take home, and you can be sure they’ll treasure each one of them for years to come.

    Thanks to the large number of corporate photo booth rental companies in Vancouver, the corporate world now has some truly unique and animated functions to look forward to … not forgetting some equally unique and animated pictures to match.

    If you plan on hosting a big, informal party or get-together with your staff members, or a spectacular product launch ceremony anywhere in Vancouver, corporate photo booths will make the difference between an event that’s best forgotten, and one that’s truly memorable. Here’s why.

    Spice Up The Event

    The main goal of hiring a portable photo booth from a corporate photo booth rental is to spice up the party or event and encourage guests to let their guard down and be themselves. Place the photo booth in a prominent location at the event space and watch as your guests establish new friends and contacts while taking strips of amusing images of themselves during the event.

    Match the Event Theme

    There are no limits to how creative you can be. This is because most corporate photo booth rental services offer models that are customizable. In other words, they can be decorated to match the main theme of the function, as well as the overall décor of the venue itself.

    For example, for a nominal extra fee, have the exterior panels of the booth could be removed and painted in the theme colors of the event, or your company’s corporate colors, complete with logo, etc. Be as creative as you wish. Of course, you may even use props, like streamers, balloons, flowers or any other items to decorate the booth. Alternatively, provide guests with hats, costumes, or face paint which they can wear and take unconventional pictures.

    Customize Your Photos

    Every photo taken in an advanced digital photo booth model can be customized with a corporate tag line, monogram, logogram or message. Such pictures become valuable souvenirs for guests. If you are hosting a corporate event to introduce a new product or business, the benefits of photo booth picture customization are multiple. It reaffirms relationships between you and your clients or employees, and enhances corporate and product awareness. Best of all, most corporate photo booth rentals offer unlimited picture strips for a pre-agreed event duration, and even a CD containing all the pictures taken at the event.

    Best Corporate Photo Booth Rental Company in Vancouver

    If you are looking for the best corporate photo booth rental company in Vancouver , look no further than Vancity Photo Booth Rental. They have everything you need to make your next corporate event memorable and fun. Their photo booths are equipped with the latest technology, so they are always up-to-date and ready to use.


    To make your next public or in-house function like never before, take time out to look at a few good corporate photo booth hire Perth companies, and check what they have to offer. Many provide free delivery, set up and pickup and an attendant, too. With a corporate photo booth, it goes without saying … the functions you host in future will never be the same, again.

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    Warehouse Management Systems

    Warehouse management solutions are increasingly becoming a basic requirement. Given that it is designed to increase production capacity, it also focuses on improving inventory accuracy and reliability by making warehouses and distribution centers more efficient in space.

    Among the numerous complex problems that warehouses face, the first in the sequence is the normal inventory data, which can occasionally become redundant as well as erroneous, making it difficult to locate goods precisely.

    Management systems make it very simple to obtain data, and real-time data helps to keep the full inventory information up-to-date, offering the most relevant data for carrying out managerial decisions.

    Locker management system can assist managers in space optimization, which is critical because inventory kept in a disorderly state is likely to take up the majority of the space that could otherwise be used for productive purposes. When inventory is routinely filled in an organized manner, it cuts down on search time, lowering the risk of human error.

    It makes no difference if a company is small or big; what one expects is an increase in efficiency and profit maximization. This program now reduces actual inventory, increases labor productivity, and improves inventory accuracy.

    It also enables for the reduction of operating costs, which can help to increase firm profitability. Furthermore, warehouse management systems are now available at a reasonable price.

    This software system is critical for the appropriate inventory management in warehouses. The value isn’t so much in the handling of inventory and stock as it is in the effective handling of goods, efficient use of warehouse space, efficient use of manpower, and a maximum increase in actual ROI just by achieving efficiency in almost every facet of warehouse management.

    What makes warehouse management systems so efficient is the advanced and sophisticated system that simplifies the existing process into an organized approach that best optimizes the task while also bringing much-needed transparency to operations and processes.

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    Planing A Party For Teenagers

    Here’s the thing with teenagers: they have to ask parents for party budget and they can’t party all night. So, when planning a party for a teenager, make sure to include activities that can be done during the day.

    Energy is high in teen parties, and the activities must at least involve some competition.

    Divide your group into teams and shoot pool – A billiards competition will make any part exciting. You can teach each other some cue tip tricks and use the sport to exchange some friendly jibes.

    Tug-o-war beach picnic – The way you will perform in a tug-o-war will impress even the world’s top olympic tug-o-war team (if there’s such a thing). The combination of fresh air, beach wind and bikinis make this activity fun and exciting. Have someone’s mom bring pizza and you’re all set!

    Poem Reading Night – An artsy group of teenagers can come up with the most touching poetry! You can do this with candle light or bonfire. Or you can simply sit inside a tent with your homies and exchange friendship poems.

    Or you can hire a virtual reality rental company and take the party to the next level. Levelup Reality is a Toronto VR Rental company with years of experience . Contact them and they will make your party really stand out. They have variety of virtual reality options and a huge library of VR games. Games are made for extreme fun and there are single player and games where many players can play  together.

    VR for Gaming

    The use of VR technology has been around for decades but only recently have we seen its popularity boom. VR can be used for both entertainment and education purposes. This technology allows users to immerse themselves into a virtual world where they are able to do things that would normally be impossible. It’s no surprise that more and more people are using VR games and apps for their entertainment.

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    How to Use Patent Legal Status Data for Business Intelligence

    If you’re in a technology business, you should be mining patent legal status data for business intelligence. Legal status data tells you which technologies are hot and which are not, who’s entering an area and who’s exiting, who’s collaborating, who’s competing, and who’s a takeover candidate. Legal status information is information that patent owners are required to provide, or that the government produces, from which you can learn the value of a patent.

    Patent Value Estimation

    In general, the more money spent on a patent, the more valuable the patent. Analysis of patent legal status lets you estimate how much a company invests in a patent, and therefore how valuable they think the patent is. Here are kinds of patent legal status data, and how they relate to patent value as you can see from this post – how to get a patent with InventHelp.

    Patent Maintenance Fee Payment Data

    After a patent has issued, maintenance fees must be paid to keep the patent in force. In the U.S., maintenance fees are due 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years after a patent is granted. If a maintenance fee isn’t paid, the patent expires. Since an expired patent is worthless, and since patent owners don’t lightly discard valuable property, knowledge of which patents they keep in force, and which they allow to expire, is valuable. The 3.5 year fee is the lowest, and some owners will pay the 3.5 year fee on a patent that has yet to earn a return. On the other hand, payment of the 7.5 year and 11.5 year fees clearly identifies a valuable patent.

    A listing of current maintenance fee amounts can be found on the U.S. Patent Office fees page. Maintenance fee payment information for U.S. patents can be found in the U.S. Patent Office maintenance fee database. You need the patent number and the patent application number, both of which can be found on the front page of a patent, to look up maintenance fee status.

    Patent Assignment Data

    While the inventor initially owns the invention, at least in the U.S., ownership is typically assigned to the company employing the inventor. Under U.S. law, assignments must be recorded to be effective as against third parties who do not have actual knowledge of the assignment. To perfect the recognition of their ownership, companies record the assignment in the U.S. Patent Office’s assignment database. Thus, assignment information tells you who owns a patent. If there are multiple assignees, which may happen in the case of corporate-academic collaborations, the assignees each have an equal right to full use of the patent. An assignment search will identify patents that comprise a company’s portfolio. A high concentration of patents in a particular technology may highlight a corporate strength or a focus of new research and development.

    One caveat regarding assignment data is that the information can get stale. For example, reassignments are often not recorded after a corporate takeover. To find Pfizer patents you need to search not only Pfizer, but also Warner Lambert, American Cyanamid, Wyeth, Parke-Davis, Pharmacia, and others. In addition, the assignment database has nothing to say about license agreements. A university may own a patent, but the rights may have been assigned to a corporation.

    You can search assignment data at the U.S. Patent Office assignment database. The information is searchable by patent number, patent application publication number, assignor name, and assignee name.

    Patent Family Data

    If an invention is valuable a company will want to patent it not only in the country where it was invented, but in every country where it can be profitably sold. To get the most thorough protection in the U.S., a company will also file divisional applications, continuation applications, and continuation-in-part applications. Count all these countries, and applications within each country, and you’ll get a good idea of an invention’s value. That’s because there is a direct correlation between family size and the money a company has invested in protecting the invention.

    One place to find patent family data is on the Espacenet database of the European Patent Office. You can search the database in a variety of ways. When you are looking at the information for an individual patent, click INPADOC patent family, in the menu on the left, to retrieve the patent family data.

    Naturally, if you need any help searching, InventHelp is happy to help – learn why new inventors turn to InventHelp.

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    Guide to the Online iPhone Stores

    Used iPhone stores are not only located in your neighborhood, but are also located all over the internet too. What’s really nice about online used iPhone stores is that they often have less overhead when compared to those used cell phone stores operating in physical locations. Since everything in terms of business is conducted online, online cell phone sellers have the liberty of offering significantly reduced prices to all consumers.

    Online used iPhone stores make cell phone purchasing options tremendously affordable. With the increasingly difficult economic times, consumers are seeking every avenue possible for saving money on all purchases including cell phones. If a consumer is looking to quickly replace an old cell phone, they can buy used iPhones Canada from reputable Canadian stores which can be shipped directly to the buyer’s home in a relatively short time.

    most popular smartphone

    Consumers need to be careful about the used iPhone stores they select though. Not all stores have the same offerings and guarantees. It is up to the consumer to assess whether or not the used iPhone seller is reputable, and the consumer will need to make certain demands when it comes to product quality. Read the details of a return policy and/or refund policy as well. Checking out feedback left to a particular online seller will definitely help the consumer determine whether he is dealing with a reputable seller or not. Communication with the seller before the purchase will also help the consumer get the right product upon purchase.

    The iPhone is perhaps the most popular smartphone now on the market. However, many people still cannot afford buying a new iPhone, because of its expensive price. Buying a used iPhone is a good way to have an iPhone without having to empty your wallet. With more than 100 million iPhones sold since its first launch, it will not be too hard to look for used iPhones to buy. To find a great deal on a used iPhone, you have to learn where to buy one and know the pitfalls to avoid.

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    Why Your Website Needs Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing has evolved, gone are the days of submitting your website to search engines and expecting to rank overnight. You used to be able to stuff your keywords tag full of comma separated phrases that you wanted to rank for and that was enough to see your site ranking. But that was then and this is now digital marketing has changed, nowadays you need to take a much more holistic approach to online marketing in order for it to be dome correctly.

    Today you should find a good digital marketing firm that can help you navigate the internet marketing maze – a good digital marketing agency will be able to help you find your way through the Google Zoo – AKA Google’s panda and penguin updates which really do require careful consideration. Be careful though choosing the wrong SEO agency can see you getting burned in more ways than one.

    As far as online marketing goes, SEO, PPC and social media are of course the main protagonists. Master these and your digital strategy will be good to go, get it wrong and you’ll be picking up the pieces for years to come. Get the right digital marketing agency from the outset, that way you’ll be well informed and set up for success with the right tools and talent to move forward and grow website traffic.

    Establishing a solid working relationship with the right online marketing agency can sometimes be tricky, perhaps you are finding it hard to get a hold of them on the phone or they don’t report very well on the work they are doing?

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    Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

    When you add solar panels to your roof, how do you prepare your roof surface? Do you need a new roof or can you have the panels affixed to your existing roof? As the installation of the panels is costly, you need to make sure your roof is in good condition to prevent having to remove the panels for future roof repair.

    Adding solar panels to your roof involves the installation of mounting brackets that are carefully and securely mounted to prevent roof leaks, while withstanding windstorms. The technician also installs wiring that connects the solar panel to an inverter that feeds into your home’s electrical system, converts electricity from direct current to alternating current, and connects your home to the electrical grid. Once an electrician connects the wiring to the electrical panel, an inspector from your city or county will check your system and approve you to start using it for electricity production as you can see from The Architects Diary blog. The whole process can take 24 to 72 hours to complete all the steps.

    Getting Your Roof Ready for Solar Panels

    Since solar panels are intended to be a permanent addition to your roof, the roof itself should be in excellent condition before the installation occurs. If your roofing contractor finds loose, raised, or damaged shingles, dirty areas of the roof that indicate shingle damage, or evidences of leaks or stains on walls or attic, your roof might need attention. The same is true if your energy costs are high, as this may indicate ventilation problems. Your goal in installing a solar system is to have trouble-free electricity production, and you do not want the condition of your roof to interfere with the process.

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    Online Video Production

    Your website, like your brand, needs to keep up to date with the latest technology. Web video production allows you to keep in step with your client and consumer, relaying information in a way that he or she finds acceptable and easy to understand.

    Most people in most age ranges use the internet as their primary source of information for everything. News, recommendations, entertainment and shopping it’s all done online,  a social networking place or a blog.

    A lot of that information is now contained in videos which is where your web video production becomes indispensable. Fortunately, there are a lot of professional video making software, such as the Vidnami, which are very easy to use and create professional looking videos. Customers across a range of markets are expecting to see a video presentation demonstrating the item they are interested in buying: and in many cases commissioning a web video production that gives site visitors a walkthrough of what you do, or a guided tour of your site, is seen as par for the course.

    A web video can also be used to offer information to people within your organisation departmental training, training on the use of company technology or a simple welcome to the family. Don’t forget, either, that an online video does not need to be a full production, introduction or story. Your web video production could be as simple as a friendly mascot or an animated piece that helps site visitors get a feel for your brand’s persona.

    An online product video is one of the most obviously useful ways to use web video. Shopping online, customers can use every extra bit of information about a product they can get which an online production is able to provide in spades. By seeing a product in action a potential buyer can get a much better idea of whether or not he or she wants to make a purchase.

    As more and more sites wake up to the efficiency of information delivery that a web video production, certainly for a product or service, can supply, your site starts to get penalized for every day it doesn’t utilize the technology. Simply put: if someone visits your site and can not find a video showing him or her how your product works, then he or she is quite likely to go elsewhere and find a rival company that does have product information videos. Once the use of product videos becomes more or less ubiquitous, anyone left out in the cold will be losing plenty of valuable custom.

    To know whether or not you need to use web video production for your brand, ask yourself one simple question: what’s the most efficient way I can get my information across? In some cases the answer will be with static text. In others, though, where no amount of blurb is the same as actually seeing a product work, the answer is with a moving image.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

    How do you know that people will find your site among the millions of other websites that exist on the internet? How can you increase the chances that your site will be indexed and rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo?

    Popular search engines use complicated algorithms and automated analytic tools (which are sometimes called “spiders” or “crawlers”) that scan each web page to determine relevance and rank on a particular subject or topic. You need to be clever in order to make your web pages pertinent to spiders and crawlers, but it’s certainly not impossible to accomplish. Here are three words that can help you and your website succeed: search engine optimization.

    Search engine optimization, often referred to as the acronym SEO, doesn’t employ a one-size-fits-all formula. In order to effectively use SEO, you must be dedicated and you must follow the rules. As a solid beginning to the SEO process, you should analyze common search terms and search trends of customers regarding your particular industry, your specific company, or both. If you are just starting to learn SEO, you should hire خدمات السيو company to do this research for you. For example, a promotional products company would need to optimize for more keywords and keyword phrases than just “promotional products” and “promotional items”; customers of that industry are also likely to search for terms like “stress balls” or “personalized sports bottles,” among many others. Deciphering heavily-used keywords for your web pages is just one of the important SEO steps that you can take.