What is an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are mostly used for transportation in places where gas-powered scooters are prohibited. The main working parts of an electric scooter include a rechargeable lead-acid battery of suitable capacity measured in volt-amp-hours, and an electric drive motor of desired watts and RPM. The vehicle speed depends on the battery capacity (A/hrs), physical size and weight.

In Norway, it is recommended to buy electric scooters online from reputable dealers, such as the Sportboden portal.

Generally positioned beneath the foot rest area, the charging time of a battery varies with the battery capacity; the chargers used for this purpose depend upon the capacity of the battery. The motor specifications such as voltage, power and rotation also vary according to the vehicle capacity and cost.

Speed controllers include the common speed controllers and variable speed controllers, used according to the model of the scooter. There is an on /off or variable switch on the handle to control the speed. The vehicle speed varies from 10 mph to 30 mph with respect to its vehicle parts and cost. Another important part of an electric scooter is the throttle. Throttle types are the twist throttle and the thumb throttle that are available with or without on /off switches.

Regarding brakes, there are handbrakes, similar to that of a bicycle that are fitted on the handle. The various types of brakes used in electric scooters include band brake, V brakes and disk brakes that are connected using cables and other necessary connecting accessories.

Some of the other important electric scooter parts include drive belts, chain, bearings, brake levers, bulbs, chain sprockets, circuit breakers, footplates, forks, fuses, handlebars, horns, headlights, inner tubes, kickstands, meters, relays, tires, tubes and wheels. Safety power locking system with key switch is another integral part.

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