Cost of Foundation Repair

Having the foundation of your Dallas home repaired can cost anywhere from just a few hundred dollars for a minor repair, to over $30,000 for a very damaged foundation that needs extensive repairs.

If your floors are uneven, if you have cracked walls, or even if your windows or doors are not closing properly you may need to repair your foundation.

In order to find out the exact repairs you need done you will need to hire a structural engineer who can inspect your foundation and figure out what repairs you really need. Hiring an engineer can cost from under $300 to over $700.

If you don’t have your foundation inspected you won’t know exactly what repairs your home needs. If you think your foundation repair is minor, the company you hire can tell you what repairs need to be made, but ideally you would hire an independent third party (a structural engineer) who can make sure the correct repairs are done. Getting a third party opinion can save you from needing future work done if the correct repairs were not done and can save you from extra costs from unneeded repairs.

A typical foundation repair may cost between $4500 and $7500. The cost will vary based on a lot of factors such as how damaged the foundation is, what method of repair is used (such as pressed pilings, concrete piers, steel piers, etc), and the size of the house or area of the basement that needs repairs.

A big house may need more piers or new support to level the foundation, this will often mean a more expensive repair. Each extra pier or piling needed to level the house can cost from several hundred to more than a thousand dollars each.

Also, if the foundation has settled and needs to be raised a lot in order to level the house, it may require more extensive repairs or additional work that can add to the cost.

It is always smart to get more than one quote before hiring any foundation repair company. You may find a Dallas foundation repair company that can level your home for thousands less than the competition. On the other hand, remember that the cheapest company isn’t always the best one to go with.

Some companies use different methods of repair, this is probably the biggest factor in determining the cost. For example, using steel piers can mean a much more permanent repair than other methods, but it can also be much more expensive to do.

While a foundation repair is expensive, it is important to take care of as it can make a big difference in the value of your property. This is especially important if you are contemplating selling your house in the future or are actively trying to sell your home. After all, would you buy a house with a cracked or unlevel foundation?

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