Is living vegan more affordable?

Living vegan does not have to be more expensive than consuming animal products. In fact, living vegan can be more affordable in the short-term and much, MUCH more affordable in the long-term.

Some of the so-called “replacement” or “alternative” prepackaged vegan products like vegan ice cream, veggie meats, and dairy-free cheeses might currently be more expensive than their animal-based counterparts, but these are the exception. Fresh veggies and fruits, rice, beans, pastas and other whole foods are more versatile and significantly less expensive than processed foods or animal products. You can also make your own veggie meats, ice creams, and cheeses and save a bundle as you can see on https://www.verygoodbutchers.com/.

It’s possible to save even more money by being a smart vegan shopper. Consider buying in bulk — buy even more with friends and split orders for case discounts. Shop when sales are running (vegan products are often on sale because growing companies are eager to promote them). Coupon shop and store-hop to find the best sales.

In the long term, you’ll likely save money on healthcare and you may even save your life. Overcoming illness is expensive and your health is priceless. A minimal investment in healthier vegan eating can improve and maintain your health so you may live a longer, happier life. Vegan food choices reduce your risk of the common diseases associated with consuming animal products including heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

True Costs. It’s important to note that animal products have unnaturally low price tags because the animal agribusiness industries use your tax dollars to stay afloat and to increase their profits. Tax subsidies of land, water, and grain, and direct payouts to animal agribusiness lead to an artificial affordability and, therefore, increased consumption of animal products. This has resulted in disastrous health consequences in the U.S., especially among poorer populations.

Economy of Scale. It’s also important to note that specialty vegan foods still hold a relatively small share of the market. While some specialty products from smaller companies may currently seem expensive, as more people purchase these products, their prices will continue to drop. Purchasing vegan products will ultimately allow more of these products to be produced and will increase their affordability and availability.

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