mini size car

Winter Holiday Car Rentals for Mallorca Airport

As the Winter Season fast approaches, most of us think about visiting warmer climates to avoid the harsh British Weather. You can save you a lot of time and stress by arranging your car rental Palma de Mallorca airport agency to wait on your arrival at Mallorca Airport.

On arriving at Mallorca Airport, your vehicle will be waiting for you with the tank full, so no detours to fuel up or wasted time trying to locate the local services. You can relax as you fly to Mallorca Airport knowing that you will soon be on the road to arrive refreshed at your destination in Spain.

You can choose a wide selection of vehicle sizes for rental for your trip to Spain. These range from the small mini size vehicles through to the luxury executive type vehicles.

mini size car

The mini compact cars are suitable for one or two people travelling around the Mallorca area but the minivans are more suitable for larger groups of people or if you have a large amount of luggage.

If you plan to drive around the area, you will need to carefully consider your choose of vehicle for the best value, comfort and space as you place your booking. Upgrading to a larger vehicle can often help to make your travel around the Mallorca area a better experience.

There are always fewer options available on the vehicles offered to Young drivers due to age restrictions. We find that these vehicles are always booked early, so do place your car hire booking for Mallorca Airport as early as possible.

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