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How to Control Pests in Your Home

Pests are known threats and you do not want them sneaking or crawling inside your homes. Using potent poisons in order to eliminate unwanted pests from lurking in your homes is only a temporary answer to your problem and it also posts some danger people, especially children. Most pesticides are not that effective in pest control as they only treat infestation symptoms and not the true and underlying causes.

Pest control is an easy task and there are simple steps that you can follow to avoid these unwanted bugs from infiltrating your homes. Below are some of them:

Make sure that Your Home is Both Dry and Clean

Standing water, spoiling food, warmth and darkness are some of the things that attract pests. You can eliminate these common causes to prevent pests from infesting your precious homes. Garbage cans should be emptied on a daily basis and ensure that the lids are fitted securely. Behind of bins should be cleaned as this area is sometime full of bits of what you have consumed during meals, attracting pest and rodents.

Beverages and food containers which are outside the refrigerator should be sealed tightly in plastic or glass containers. Moisture should also be eliminated.

Seal Entrance of Pests

Another method that you can utilize in your pest control is sealing their entryways. Common entryways of pest are inconspicuous holes, cracks and crevices. Make sure that these pests’ entrance are sealed and blocked from new invaders which can easily squeeze their ways through them.

fly traps

Crevices and cracks in baseboards, cupboards, moldings, ducts, pipes, electrical outlets, sinks and toilets can be sealed using silicone caulk. Screens can also be placed in vents’ fronts and replace those damaged ones. Concrete which is quick setting is another alternative solution in sealing entry holes.

Stacked firewood, vegetation and other types of debris should be kept away from your house exteriors as they can alleviate access and nesting areas for pests.

Use Strategies without Using any Chemicals

Now that you have already denied shelter, access and pest food, it is the time that you squeeze on lingering intruders inside your homes. You can solve this problem by vacuuming, laying individual traps like fly traps, light traps, pheromone traps, jar traps.

Choose Low Toxicity Pesticides for Maintenance

Products which have low toxic contents are the best option for you to choose if your pest control methods do not worked according to your plans. These types of products will minimize the risks to the health of your family members.

Boric acid in powdered form can be sprinkled on crevices and cracks, which will gradually poison crawling insects such as silverfishes, cockroaches and ants without the risk of poisoning humans.

Pest control can only be effective if you have the required knowledge about the habits of the pests as explained on If you don’t know about these unwanted species in your homes, the do-it-yourself approach can be dangerous and it is better that you hire the services of a professional pest exterminator for your safety as well as the members of your family.

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