What is Event Planning?

Event Planning is the coordination of every detail of a project such as meetings, weddings, parties, conventions, festivals, expo’s, tradeshows and corporate events.

Planners have to determine a budget and timeframe for which the event has to adhere to and from there many other aspects of the event need to be determined. Event details cover everything from event hire, catering, developing a theme, equipment hire, risk management, contingency plans, sponsorship deals, entertainment selection, organizing a program, permits, advertising and marketing, decorations and many more.

Some questions to ask when doing event planning:

What type of event do you want to do?
What is the purpose of your event?
Who is the intended audience?

What activities are to be included?
When and where will the event be held?
Does it need funding?
Will there be entertainment?

Event Planning

The event planner is responsible for each event and ensuring that each aspect runs smoothly, negotiating contracts, and successfully managing the project team.

The job is very stressful and requires precise time-management skills, good communication and negotiation and the ability to multi-task. The job is demanding, fast paced and a lot of time is needed for each project with some event planners putting in 80hr+ work weeks however it is a very rewarding career to see the project grow through development to staging and execution.

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