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Sell My House Faster

There are lots of reasons why home owners would require to sell their property quick. For example because of emigration, relocation, going through a divorce or separation, or simply to sell quickly to be able to buy their perfect property with the extra cash.

It could also be that you may have some financial issues, for instance facing eviction, repossession or you need to release the equity hidden within your property, then selling your house quickly is probably the best choice.

You may have more than one reason for wanting to sell your house fast, and there are lots of ways to sell your property quick, even in the uncertainty of the current climate.

One of the options is to enter a Sell and Rent Back scheme. It’s a contract where you sell your home to a property company, then rent it back as a tenant. This is a popular choice as it means you can stay living in your current home, and still get a cash profit from the sales. No matter where the location or the condition in which your property is in, by following these easy and simple tips you will increase your chances of selling your property quickly.

Here are a just a few tips on how to have a quick property sale, and to ensure you make the sale:

1. Odd Jobs

If it’s a small problem for example fixing a broken door handle or broken lightbulb, then it’s best to get that fixed so your property will look presentable to prospective buyers.

2. Neutral Colors

Be sure the property hasn’t got too much, if any, personal touches to it. For example an orange bedroom, or zebra sofas, which you may love but viewers may not. However some basic decoration is ok though, for example some fresh flowers on the table, is a nice touch but keeping a neutral color scheme like magnolia throughout will allow buyers to imagine how they will live there with their belongings.

3. On the Outside

How the property looks inside is essential, but how it looks on the outside is also important; for example leaving a broken fence or garbage in the garden could create a bad impression.

4. Cleaning & De-cluttering

Generally nobody likes to do this really, but even less people would want to see a dirty property when going to view a property. Just a simple hoover and clean, to get rid of dirt and dust is all it takes to make a place look clean and tidy.

The majority of property companies in New Haven, such as Sell My House 7, offer some of the services for free, as you can see from their website – For example having your property valued and selling it to a time scale which suits you best. They can work with surveyors to ascertain the current market value of your property, and together they should work out the profit margins with you. The property companies can also purchase your property for cash too. You shouldn’t have to pay any fees, for instance estate agent or solicitor fees, as they are usually paid by the property company that want to buy your property.

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