What Are Mini Pod Kits?

Mini Pod Kits are the latest addition to the vaping hardware market. They are designed for people who do not want or cannot use a box mod. Mini Pod Kits are very small, lightweight and easy to carry around.

What is a Mini Pod Kit?

A Mini Pod Kit is a compact vape device that has a battery, tank and mouthpiece all in one tiny unit. They are designed to be used with prefilled e-liquid pods that come in different flavors and nicotine levels. When you’re done using it, you can simply throw it away and use another one when needed.

How Does a Mini Pod Work?

The mini pod works by heating up the e-liquid inside of it until it turns into vapor which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece at the front of the device. The heated e-liquid comes from a cartridge that contains an e-liquid solution that has been preloaded into it by the manufacturer or distributor before being sold to you as part of an e-cig starter kit or refill pack (depending on whether or not you want to refill them yourself).

This type of device is known as an automatic battery because it does not require any button presses in order for it to work – all you need is to inhale on the mouthpiece. The device will then heat up the e-liquid inside of it, turning it into vapor which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece at the front of the device.

How To Choose The Right Mini Pod Kit?

When it comes to choosing the right mini pod kit, there are a number of things that you should consider. These include:

  • Whether or not you want to refill your pods yourself or have them preloaded by the manufacturer/distributor
  • How many puffs per pod (how many times can you vape before needing to replace it)
  • How much e-liquid is in each pod
  • The type of vaping experience that you want (some kits are designed to give you a mouth-to-lung hit while others are designed for direct lung inhalation) –
  • The resistance level of the coils used in your device
  • The size of the device (how easy is it to carry around)
  • The size of the battery (how long it will last between charges)

Dotmod DotAIO Mini Pod Kit

The Dotmod DotAIO Mini Pod Kit is a very small, discreet device that’s great for vaping on the go. It has a sleek design that won’t take up much room in your pocket or bag, but it still has all the features you need to get an awesome vaping experience. The pods are prefilled with e-liquid, which means you don’t have to worry about refilling them yourself! This kit comes with two flavor pods: one is fruity and sweet while the other has a tobacco-like taste.

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