What Should Funeral Order Of Service Look Like?

Your funeral order of service is the official record of the service you have chosen. It includes all the details of your service and can be used to make sure that everyone who was invited will be there on the day.

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your order of service so that you know what’s in it and can refer back to it if you need to.

A funeral order of service may be made up from a combination of different formats, but they all contain the same basic information:

  • Who is conducting the service, who is giving readings and other tributes, who is acting as chief mourner, who are pallbearers and why they were chosen, etc.
  • A map of where people should sit during the ceremony (if this is not obvious).
  • What hymns or music will be played at various points during the ceremony – for example before or after refreshments are served, or when leaving for or returning from the cemetery.
  • The readings that will be read during the service (including any poems).
  • The order in which the service will take place, including readings and hymns.
  • What will happen after the service – for example, whether there will be refreshments or a reception following the ceremony.

Funeral Bookmarks

These bookmarks can be personalized with any name or message that you want to include on them. A funeral bookmark can be used as a place holder during the service as well as an item that can be taken home by guests after the service has ended. The funeral order of service bookmarks are printed on high quality paper stock which makes them durable enough to last for years to come. You can choose from different types of paper stock including linen paper, textured cardstock or even photo glossy cardstock if you would like your bookmark to have some color added to it!

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