Type Fonts

Though type fonts can actually refer to anything typeface used to type a specific set of characters, its use in typography is extensive and choosing the correct font in certain cases may spell out your success or failure. To use type fonts, you want to know the basic fonts that are there.

Standard printing fonts are serif and sans serif and all fonts are classified under this. They are used in classic typography like publishing books, magazines, electronic articles and the like. They lend a formal tone to the subject and provide great clarity without any interference that may come with the use of fancy fonts. These fonts are suitable for CV applications also. There is a set standard for the use of these fonts in the printing and publishing industry.

Elegant fonts include calligraphy and ornamental like fonts that are created to give a nice formal feeling to the projects. They can include fonts like wedding fonts or even fancy fonts. Fancy fonts, such as the curse font can be used on kid’s invitations to parties and are a nice informal touch to anything. It creates the feeling of fun.

Ethnic fonts are from other languages and Chinese script or Indian scripts that do not use the English letters to form the written text. There are many categories available under this also.

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