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Saxophone Instruments

The saxophone and saxophone instruments have been around for a long time and people worldwide are looking for information on where to learn to play saxophone and how and where to buy a pro saxophone or a vintage saxophone.

If you are thinking about getting your first sax you may be wondering what saxophone prices are like these days and if you would do better to get a cheap saxophone or to buy a really good quality new one that may have a better re-sale value later on.

These are important questions to ask your self when considering your first saxophone instrument. There are a great deal of makes and price ranges when it comes to saxophones.

sax instrument

There is the world famous Selmer mark Vl and King saxophones as well as newer brands that have emerged in recent years such as the Jupiter saxophone and Cecilio saxophone brands.

Just as in everything else, you get what you pay for and there are some pretty decent Chinese made and European made instruments that are pretty cheap, they all have some issues as far as long-term durability and sound and pitch problems.

You should consider what type of saxophone playing you will be looking to do, in other words, what kind of musical styles are you most interested in playing.  Are you going to want to play contemporary music or rock-jazz or are you interested in classical saxophone music?

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