Carpenter Ants

This type of ant was named the Carpenter ant because of its habit of living, excavating, and tunneling in wood. Some places have both the black carpenter and the red carpenter ant. Both have similar sizes and habits. If you have trees around your house or around your property, you may have seen carpenter ants in your house once or more.

They are on average large ants, but in a single colony the size of a worker may vary. It is not necessarily a case of infestation if you find, per week, one or two Carpenter ants. If you want to learn more about Carpenter ants please visit – Skadedyrproffen.no.

Ants are amazing creatures. A single ant is just a tiny insect, but since ants only live in highly organized societies they can work together in teams to achieve great things.

Ants have been around for at least 100 million years, which means that they survived the global catastrophe that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Since then they have spread all over Earth, evolving (developing over long periods of time) into about 10,000 different species or kinds of ants. Today they are probably the most numerous creatures on the planet.

The ants are social insects that live together in colonies. They belong to the Hymenoptera order, the same group where the wasps and bees are. There are several families of bees and wasps; however all the ants are grouped in only one family, the Formicidae family.

To better understand the difference between each one of these ants and to be able to draw a plan of consistent action for their control, we need to know the biology and the behavior of the ants.

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