Best Handgun For Home Defense

I think the most compelling reason for choosing a revolver for your home defense handgun is their reliability. You see, revolvers have just a few moving parts are are must less likely to jam up then the semi-automatic handguns. When it comes to defending your home or your loved ones, you want to make sure your firearm is going to be reliable when you need it.

Revolvers come in what is called “double action” which is the type we recommend as the best handgun for home defense. Double action simply means that the gun can be fired without having to cock, or pull back the trigger, of the gun. So, if the gun is fully loaded, all you need to do is point and shoot. Most double action pistols can be fired either way, but there are a few that are double action only. The only drawback with double action is accuracy. It takes a much harder trigger pull to fire double action, so your aim could be jeopardized. It is best to get a pistol that offers both double and single action. You should also practice a great deal with both type of actions so you get a good feel of the differences.

Another nice thing about revolvers is that they can be fired comfortably with either hand. Since there is no shell being ejected like you have with your semi-automatic guns, there is nothing to obstruct your view or concentration. It is a good idea to practice shooting at close range with both hands because in a real life home defense situation, you might have just seconds to react.

You can get a revolver with many different lengths of barrel. We recommend about a 4 inch barrel or so for home defense. This allows you to keep a little bit of distance accuracy, while still being easily concealable. The minimum barrel length one should probably go is 2.5 inches. Just remember, the shorter the barrel is, the less accurate the gun will be. Of course, with that said, the longer barrel handguns are going to be much more accurate.

Options for Best Handgun For Home Defense

Some good choices for a revolver are the Colt Python, Ruger GP100, or the Smith and Wesson Model 10 in either the police or military version.

You will probably find the best gun dealers online. Compare couple of different shops to find the best online gun deals.

With all of the above taken into consideration, you must remember that, once you do chose your best handgun for home defense, you need to practice with it. You can have the best handgun in the world, but if you either don’t know how to shoot it, or are not comfortable with it, if is virtually useless. Take your gun out a fire it often when you first get it. Get comfortable with the grip and the recoil. Try a few different types of rounds in your gun so you know what feels best for you. Then, once you are very comfortable shooting it, you can cut your practice down to every few months or so.

What is your Best Handgun For Home Defense?

As with any gun, the best handgun for home defense is going to be all about personal preference. Take your time and test a few different types and models of gun. Try different calibers and barrel lengths. make sure that, in the end, the gun you choose as your Best Handgun For Home Defense is the best fit for you.

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