Taking Care of Prescription Glasses

Designer prescription glasses are quite as fashionable as their counterparts and are also designed with resilience as the primary goal. Nonetheless, no matter how hard these frames are, there are still simple care guidelines that must definitely be followed to prolong the life of some glasses:

Use the right material to completely clean glasses with. Many people think the home soaps and cleaning materials are perfect for cleaning eye glasses. These types of substances truly are good for removing stubborn dirt and / or oil that has piled up on lenses, however they are much too harsh for sensitive lens coatings, such as scratch-resistant solutions, that are often used on lenses.

Home detergents can actually strip these layers away, leaving the lenses with less protection than before and therefore making them vulnerable to scratches. Instead of using harsh washing products, a good way to clean spectacles is to plainly use warm water and mild soap. An even better solution is to use specially created lens cleaning formulas that can be bought from optical shops throughout the world.

Use non-scratching cloths for wiping. Quite a few people also have the behavior of simply reaching out and grabbing the closest cloth-like material once they need to wipe their glasses clean. This cloth is most likely the corner of a sleeve, the lining of a coat, a handkerchief, or perhaps paper towels. Many of these are actually really soft and seem harmless to eyeglasses, even so they can still cause minor scratches which can pile up and then make glasses appear defective in time.

Paper towels and also tissues are known causes of scratches on glasses and should be avoided. The best way to wipe glasses is by using special microfiber cloths – lens wipes, as these are designed specifically for the purpose and can be very easily acquired from optical outlets.

Always store glasses in a hardcover case when not in use. Another undesirable practice among eyeglass users is storing their eyeglasses wherever it’s convenient to place them. In some instances, people who wear eyeglasses may also be a bit clumsy and store their spectacles with the lenses in contact with a surface. If you are planning on not wearing your glasses for a while, simply just put them in a hard-cover case.

This easy strategy will safeguard your eyeglasses whether these contain basic reading lenses or maybe varifocals. Keeping the eyeglasses in a hard-cover case not only shields them from small scratches; this can even safeguard glasses during a fall, whenever you unintentionally sit on them, or if perhaps something heavy happens to fall on your glasses.

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